Before starting the class, my assistant and I taught the students how to arrange their shoes properly. Then we checked the hygiene of the students. We then started with a briefing on hygiene and sang two songs together while doing a morning exercise.

In the subject of English, the students learn to recognize the small letter “h”. For method of teaching, we introduced and write the letter on the white board, then taught how to write the letter correctly. For the activity, I gave exercises in writing, colouring and spelling the word while making the sound “h”. In “pre-writing” the students learn the letter by dotting and colouring.

While teaching shapes, we introduced to the students the triangle. I then showed them the correct method of writing triangle on the white board. For the activity, we practiced drawing and colouring the triangle. In colours the students learn to recognize the colour orange. For the activity, we asked the students to select only the orange coloured pencil followed up a colouring exercise.

In mathematics, the students learn to recognize the number nine. The method used to teach the students is to first introduce the number and learn to count numbers from one to nine in English. This is followed by an activity of doing exercises by writing the number nine and learns how to count by collecting nine pebbles.

In Bahasa Melayu, the students learn the letter “h”. The method, Introducing and reading the letter “h – helang”. In the activity, we learn to make a vocal sound “h” and doing the exercises and colour the picture of an eagle. We also did a revision on the colour brown. I introduced the colour again and asked the students what the colour is. For the activity, my students had to find something that is brown in colour and present it to me. Then we did exercises on colouring and reading the word together.

For the Science subject, the students learn about the colours blue, red, yellow, and green in English. The activity, do the exercises on colouring and reading. And learn about shapes – circle, oval, square, rectangle, and triangle. The activity, do exercises on colouring and reading the word shapes.

Sebelum memulakan kelas cikgu megajar murid cara-cara menyusun kasut dengan betul. Kemudian cikgu memeriksa kebersihan diri murid. Memulakan kelas dengan mendengar taklimat cikgu mengenai kebersihan diri. Kemudian menyanyi dua lagu sambil melakukan senaman.

Dalam pembelajaran subjek Bahasa Inggeris, murid-murid belajar mengenali huruf “h – small letters”. Kaedah mengajar adalah cikgu memperkenal dan menulis huruf dipapan putih, kemudian mengajar cara-cara menulis huruf itu dengan betul. Untuk aktiviti, cikgu memberi latihan menulis ,mewarna dan mengeja perkataan sambil membuat bunyi “h”. Dalam aktiviti “pre-writing” murid-murid belajar mengikut titik-titik dan mewarna sambil belajar suasana. Dalam “Shapes” murid-murid belajar mengenali “triangle”. Kaedah memperkenal kemudian mengajar murid cara-cara menulis “triangle” dengan betul dipapan putih. Aktivitinya, membuat latihan melukis triangle dan mewarna sambil membaca. Dalam “colour” murid-murid belajar mengenali “orange”. Kaedah memperkenal dan membaca perkataan. Untuk aktiviti, mengarah murid mengumpul pensil warna “orange” sahaja, kemudian membuat latihan mewarna.

Dalam pembelajaran subjek Matematik, murid-murid mengenali nombor sembilan. Kaedah memperkenal nombor dan belajar mengira nombor satu sampai sembilan dalam bahasa inggeris. Untuk aktiviti, membuat latihan menulis nombor sembilan dan belajar cara-cara mengira dengan mengumpulkan bilangan biji batu sampai sembilan.

Dalam pembelajaran subjek Bahasa Melayu, murid-murid mengenali huruf “h”. Kaedah memperkenal huruf dan membaca “h-helang”. Untuk aktiviti, membuat bunyi vocal “h” dan membuat latihan dan mewarnakan gambar. Membuat ulangan mengenali warna perang. Kaedah cikgu memperkenal sekali lagi dan menanyakan murid apakah warna itu. Untuk aktiviti, mengarahkan setiap murid itu mengambil satu warna perang sahaja, kemudian membuat latihan mewarna dan membaca perkataan.
Dalam pembelajaran subjek Sains, murid-murid belajar mengenai warna “blue”, “red”, “yellow”, dan “green” dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Untuk aktiviti, latihan mewarna dan membaca. Dan belajar “shapes – circle,oval,square,rectangle, and triangle. Untuk aktiviti, latihan mewarna dan membaca perkataan “shapes”.