The Teachers

  • Nora (Slim River)

    Nora is our Empowered2Teach Project Coordinator. Nora is from the Semai tribe. A self taught teacher, she has many years of experience teaching at a community pre-school in her village. As our project coordinator, she conducts monthly visits to all our pre-schools, providing guidance and support to the teachers. When she is not visiting the pre-schools, she co-teaches at the pre-school in Kampung Sungai Bil, Slim River. She is also tasked with actively look out for opportunities to further develop Orang Asli children’s access to education.

  • Dinah (Gopeng)

    Dinah is our teacher at the pre-school in Kampung Poh, Gopeng. Dinah is from the Semai tribe. She is a very creative and passionate teacher. Her creativity and passion is evident every time she stands in front of a class. Her students are usually very engrossed in her lessons and actively participate in the class. Most of the students who have completed their pre-school with Dinah are now performing well in primary school. Dinah is also our Empowered2Teach Project Trainer. As our project trainer, she hosts our younger and inexperienced teachers at her pre-school. The teachers work on a one-to-one basis with Dinah to improve in their ability to teach young children.

  • Jisam (Gerik)

    Jisam is our teacher at the pre-school in Kampung Sungai Malela, Gerik. Jisam is from the Temiar tribe. He has a good sense of humour and always makes people laugh. As such, he is good with young children in his class. He regularly organises family events in the village as a means for him to share updates on the school and to encourage parents in his village to appreciate the importance of pre-school education for their children. During his free time, Jisam volunteers as a health care educator and helps in providing transport for those without a vehicle in the village.

  • Jeszieca (Slim River)

    Jeszieca is our teacher at the pre-school in Kampung Sungai Bil, Slim River. Jeszieca is from the Semai tribe. From a young age, she understood the value of education and the potential it holds for a brighter future. Growing up, Jeszieca enjoyed school and never missed a day of school. She hopes to instil the same interest in education among her students. She strongly believes that for her students to do well, she must first capture their interest in learning. Jeszieca does this by using creative and fun teaching methods in her lesson plans. Her students are more receptive towards learning when the lessons incorporate singing, playtime and craftwork.

  • Han Umi (Slim River)

    Umi is our teacher at the pre-school in Kampung Pisang, Slim River. Umi is from the Semai tribe. She is a very confident and proactive teacher. Prior to joining our Empowered2Teach Project, Umi has been teaching at the pre-school for over three years while still studying in secondary school. She joined our program as soon as she completed her SPM examinations. Umi has a natural ability to teach. She is able to effectively capture her student’s attention in class, and her students are able to pick up the lessons quickly.

  • Haini (Gua Musang)

    Haini is our teacher at the pre-school in Kampung Jader, Gua Musang. Haini is from the Temiar tribe. She is generally a soft spoken and reserved person. Her love for teaching pre-school children drives her to keep improving herself as a teacher. Therefore, she diligently works through the lesson plans and activities with her pre-school students to ensure that the students are able learn the lessons effectively. The students in the pre-school appreciate Haini’s style of teaching, as she is very gentle and patient with them.

  • Salbina (Tapah)

    Salbina is the latest addition to our team of teachers. She is from the Semai tribe. Before she joined our programme, she was already teaching in her village pre-school voluntarily. She was guided and taught by Wak Linang, a volunteer who started the pre-school in her village. Ever since she joined our programme, she has been excited to learn and teach more effectively with the resources and training provided.

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